Isifiso SakaGogois a Buy Township, Buy Village multi- faceted company that exists to enliven embodied arts through dance, writing, management and film. We provide a multiplicity of arts and cultural goods and services for those  within the creative and cultural industries and those outside of  the industry. We do this primarily through six divisions. 


1. Theatre & Festivals

We create, choreograph, and perform theatre, dance, physical theatre works for theatre audiences within the eMalahleni Municipality and beyond. These are inspired by Smangaliso Ngwenya’s (founder and manager) experiences as a dancer, choreographer, and performer where he has already created a repertoire of work he has accumulated as a dancer thus far. 


2. Fitness

We provide an array of fitness classes that infuse the fundamentals of Taebo, Zumba, dance as well as elements of Pilates towards promoting body awareness, fitness and physical intelligence.


3. Videography,Photography and Editing

We utilize a unique approach to videography, photography and editing. At the core is choreography, dance, theatre and physical theatre. We uses these disciplines as a springboard and method to videography, photography and editing that is new, fresh and a performance in


4. Outreach & Training Programme

Isifiso SakaGogo provides a holistic training programme which when infused with the fitness pillar allows for a thorough exploration of contemporary dance, the fundamentals of theatre, writing scripting, photography, videography and editing. The training is extended to school where we teach dance, theatre, and performance.


5. Arts Administration & Management

This involves the writing, evaluating and monitoring the artistic process for arts organisations and independent artist from the proposal writing process to the final report of each project, season or performance.


6. Event Planning & Programming

This involves planning, organising and hosting events that showcase local and national talent. These events are theatre and festivals as well as corporate events that have an aim to provide artists with a platform to showcase their talent, acquire audiences, strengthen their presence in society and providing arts and entertainment for all.

“Enlivening Embodied Roots"


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